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#1 @cardiganmedia
5 years ago


Theme reviewers keep picking up, noting one or two small changes and then closing the ticket. I cant knock out changes quickly -- if you could leave the ticket open (if anything is necessary) I can make modifications ASAP to expedite approval. Thanks. See the change log for additional improvements made on top of those previously mentioned.


#2 @cardiganmedia
5 years ago

*Meant to note that I *can* knock out the changes quickly.

#3 @sp4cecat
5 years ago

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#4 @sp4cecat
5 years ago

Hi Edward,

I've been the only reviewer. I will keep this ticket open on the off-chance that something needs correcting; should get around to having a look some time today.

#5 @sp4cecat
5 years ago

Not Approved

First up, Edward, let me say that I love this theme; I think it will do well. However, crafting a theme from scratch, you have a few more hoops to jump through than someone who's just grabbed a basic theme and changed some styling and layout. We're getting there. Now, normally I would hit a couple of changes needed, make a note on the ticket, and throw it back atcha. Instead, I'm going through the complete reviewers guidelines and making explicit notes on exactly what you need to fix.

When you're done, leave a note on this ticket, pointing to the new ticket, and I will grab it and assign it to myself.

So here we go.


  • You fixed the instances of '_e()' but missed a couple of '()':

Themes are required to use theme-slug (or a reasonable facsimile) as textdomain for translation

  • Comments.php: 17-18

Comments Javascript

  • You need to implement the Javascript functionality; see HERE


  • You need to reference it with get_stylesheet_uri()

"Themes may optionally link the default stylesheet (style.css) directly in the document head, or via wp_enqueue_style(). Whichever method is used, the default stylesheet must be referenced via get_stylesheet_uri()"

Site Information

Under http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review#Template_Tags_and_Hooks (Site Information):
"Themes are required to use *_url() template tags, rather than bloginfo() equivalents."

  • category.php: 31
  • footer.php: 9
  • header.php: 27
  • index.php: 31
  • page.php: 23
  • primary-sidebar-page.php: 32
  • search.php: 31
  • single.php: 29
  • tag.php: 31

Unit Testing

Instructions for this are at:

404 Page

You need to be more helpful - guidelines state:
Some content is displayed, more than merely the basic "Error 404 - Page Not Found" message - such as some helpful text, a search form, a list of Post or Pages, etc.

Layout Test

Posts with page breaks - multiple pages - should have links to each page. You are only showing the permalink to the first page of the post. See http://wpthemetestdata.wordpress.com/ for an example.

Layout test, page 3: (see here)

  • Block quotes should be indented or otherwise distinct from paragraph text.
  • Nested lists should be indented correctly. (You have no indenting at all) Also, your unordered lists have no bullet type.
  • <pre> tag content overflows off screen if the content is too long.
  • All of your H tags are the same size .. I'm sure you have an aesthetic reason for that :) I'm just noting, it's not required they be different sizes.
  • Pages with comments disabled: No "Comments Disabled" message should be displayed.


  • Pages with comments disabled, should not show a 'comments disabled' message: No "Comments Disabled" message should be displayed.

#6 @cardiganmedia
5 years ago

Thank you much. The new version is here:


I believe I've taken care of everything; however, I'm not sure what to do about the pingback call in the header.php file. It seems that bloginfo is the only way to do this. Let me know if there is an alternate way or if I missed anything.

#7 @chipbennett
5 years ago

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