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THEME: Ventura - 1.7.1

Reported by: Placester Owned by: pauldewouters
Priority: Keywords: theme-ventura
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Ventura - 1.7.1

There are few things as relaxing as a nice day at the beach (or “down the shore,” as some of our New Jersey friends might say). Unfortunately, some of us only get one or two a year. But we at Placester ask, why limit your beach days to the summer? For that matter, why limit them to the real world? Ventura’s blue backgrounds and deep gold accents will have your visitors breaking out their flip-flops and folding chairs as they surf your properties on the web. Perfect for both individual agents and single-office agencies, Ventura is a simple theme that’s ideal for displaying a few featured listings, with a custom slideshow that displays up to five properties, a three-row layout, and top-level page navigation. It’s also fully customizable, so you can make it your own, and SEO optimized, which means you’ll have plenty of people to help you apply that sunscreen to your back. Use with <a href="https://placester.com/">Placester</a>'s <a href="wordpress.org/extend/plugins/placester/">Real Estate Website Builder plugin</a>.

Theme URL - https://placester.com/themes/ventura/
Author URL - https://placester.com/

SVN - http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/ventura/1.7.1
ZIP - http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/download/ventura.1.7.1.zip?nostats=1

Diff with previous version: http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/changeset?old_path=/ventura/1.7&new_path=/ventura/1.7.1

All previous tickets for this theme: http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/query?col=id&col=summary&col=keywords&col=owner&col=status&col=resolution&keywords=~theme-ventura&order=id


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Theme check

Please remove any git folders/files and preprocessor cache files /folders
Style.css mentions editor styles as a feature but not implemented

Front end

Javascript error in file get-listings-fav-ajax.js:

Uncaught ReferenceError: info is not defined 


Images in the sidebar can overflow the sidebar container. I recommend setting overflow hidden on the sidebar or adding a max-width on images

Maybe it's on purpose but there's a lot of left padding on lists in widgets

Theme unit test

Threaded comments test: the ol ol tags should probably have list-style:none to be consistent

Captioned images with aligncenter are not being center aligned

The <ins> tag needs styling, the <q> tag needs styling

duplicate array keys in blueprint/partials/get-listings-search-form.php

search results posts could use some top/bottom margin to separate posts

Gallery shortcode with coumns parameter above 3 -> images overlap. I'd make a note in the readme to warn user or fix it

<html> tag should include language_attributes()
META charset should use function, not hardcoded

Stylesheets should be enqueued , not hardcoded in the header

Code Quality

I suggest escaping when you output data from the options, with the appropriate function like esc_url() for links and image src attributes, esc_attr() for HTML attributes

I'd try loading the javascripts conditionally, for example orbit.js, listing.js are they needed on the blog page?

is_post_type_archive is wrapped in function_exists()

It's not allowsed to use a variable for the text domain value, use a string. there are other internationalization issues such as missing textdomains

Theme template files

ensure that any hierarchical template file name variants (e.g. page-foo.php, category-foo.php, etc.) are included in the Theme documentation, with an explanation for their use.

The reading settings: when I set front page displays list of posts, it doesn't work as expected. It just shows a dummy property

Theme options

Display Theme Meta Tags : site name is mentioned twice, and I may be mistaken but it seems the meta tags are displayed on first activation even though the setting is not saved yet. shouldn't they not display by default?
Navigation typography: if I select a large font size, the child items start to overlap.

The header image should be contained somehow, probably max-width:100%

General: implement some validation, like only allow numbers in the min/max search price ext input fields

Logo: suggest recommend dimensions or resize to fit

there are 3 menu locations available but it seems only the primar menu is functional and output to the front end

I'll leave the ticket open as requested.

This is not the full review of the theme please see Theme Review guidelines for fast approval ​http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review.

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#5 @Placester
5 years ago

Hey Paul,

Thanks for the comprehensive review. We have just uploaded a major update, covering several new features plus the required notes from your review.

The new ticket is here - http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/11141

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Note to reviewer: if you close an in-progress ticket as closed-newer-version-uploaded, please continue the review in the newer ticket. Otherwise, if you opt not to continue the review, please close as not-approved.

The newer ticket is next up in the queue; would you like to take it, since you're familiar with the current state of the review?

#8 @pauldewouters
5 years ago

thanks for mentioning this. I don't want to delay the review and I've got a lot on my plate this week so feel free to let someone else do it

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