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THEME: Sorbet - 1.0.1

Reported by: automattic Owned by: cyberchimpscode
Priority: new theme Keywords: theme-sorbet
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Sorbet - 1.0.1

Sorbet is a delicious treat for your blog or website. Colorful post formats help your content pop, while secondary information (navigation, search, social links, and widgets) is tucked neatly away in the header for easy access that doesn't crowd your content.

Theme URL - http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/sorbet/
Author URL - http://automattic.com

SVN - http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/sorbet/1.0.1
ZIP - http://wordpress.org/themes/download/sorbet.1.0.1.zip?nostats=1


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#16414 THEME: Sorbet - 1.0.1 closed live cyberchimpscode

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#16478 THEME: Sorbet - 1.0.3 closed live cyberchimpscode
#16933 THEME: Sorbet - 1.0.5 closed live tskk
#18551 THEME: Sorbet - 1.0.6 closed live tskk
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#1 @cyberchimpscode
4 years ago

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#2 @cyberchimpscode
4 years ago

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A few issues need fixed before approval:

The navigation is not working. I can't navigate to older posts on main blog or archives and can't get to the next posts on single posts.

Long post titles such as "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" are overflowing.

Using the monster widget, level 8 on the sidebar looks a bit weird and is cut off.

Otherwise, everything looks great and the design is fabulous.

#3 @emiluzelac
4 years ago

  • Resolution not-approved deleted
  • Status changed from closed to reopened

Reopening the ticket per @cyberchimpscode request :)

#4 @cyberchimpscode
4 years ago

Thanks @emiluzelac

Sorry @Automattic, didn't mean to close the ticket. I would prefer to finish the review. If you can address the issues found and upload a new version that would be great.

#5 @automattic
4 years ago

Howdy @cyberchimpscode! Thanks for the quick review.

I'm not experiencing the navigation problem locally -- can you give more details about what browser you're using so I can try to reproduce the problem? Screenshots would be great, too.

Is the long title overflow a blocker? I can set overflow: hidden on the post area, but IMO, it's an edge case.

I'm also not sure what you mean by "level 8" using the Monster widget. I don't notice any oddness with the Monster widget, personally. Can you post a screenshot or elaborate?


#6 @cyberchimpscode
4 years ago

Howdy, I was testing the site locally on my Mac using MAMP. I just did a fresh install on my hosting provider here - http://test.bluelimemedia.com/wp/

I installed the theme, theme test unit, monster widget and change the number of blog post to display from 10 to 5. There's no post-navigation on the blog. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how one can navigate to previous posts.

Same thing on single posts. When I look at the source code, I can see the HTML, so I'm assuming there should be something there that's clickable.

As for the title overflowing, I see that now the long title has been changed -http://test.bluelimemedia.com/wp/?p=1175
I agree that this is not a show stopper.

If you scroll way at the bottom of the sidebar, you'll see what I mean about level 8. When I reduced the size of my screen to reveal the mobile view, I also noticed that there's a level 9 and 10, but again, this is an edge case and not a show stopper.

#7 @cyberchimpscode
4 years ago

  • Status changed from reopened to reviewing

#8 @automattic
4 years ago

#16478 fixes the navigation bug!

#9 @cyberchimpscode
4 years ago

  • Status changed from reviewing to approved

#10 @emiluzelac
4 years ago

  • Resolution set to live
  • Status changed from approved to closed
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