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#17895 closed theme (not-approved)

THEME: Life - 1.0

Reported by: vivacityinfotech.jaipur Owned by: thinkupthemes
Priority: new theme Keywords: theme-life
Cc: vivacityinfotech.jaipur@…


Life - 1.0

The Life theme is developed using option framework by Viva team

Theme URL - http://vivacityinfotech.net
Author URL - http://vivacityinfotech.com

SVN - https://themes.svn.wordpress.org/life/1.0
ZIP - https://wordpress.org/themes/download/life.1.0.zip?nostats=1


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Change History (12)

#1 @thinkupthemes
4 years ago

  • Owner set to thinkupthemes
  • Status changed from new to reviewing

#2 @vivacityinfotech.jaipur
4 years ago

Hi all,

Why the theme I submitted is showing Owned by :thinkupthemes

Can you please guide me for this?

I have developed and uploaded this theme.


#3 @thinkupthemes
4 years ago

Hi vivacityinfotech.jaipur,

I think you're misinterpreting what "owner" means here. The owner is the username of the ticker reviewer. Not the author of the theme being reviewed. Don't worry, no one is claiming ownership of your theme. :-)

Your theme "Life" will be reviewed. If it is successful and approved then the theme will show up under your username as you'd expect.

Does that make sense?


#4 @vivacityinfotech.jaipur
4 years ago

Hi Afzaal,

Thanks for prompt response. I was afraid that something gone wrong :).
I think the lable need to be changed with "Reviewing By:", I dont know how many users got this clearly, but thanks for explaining.

Vivacity InfoTech

#5 @thinkupthemes
4 years ago

Hello vivacityinfotech.jaipur,

The theme comes bundled with a plugin. Plugins are not allowed to be included in the theme package. However, you can still install plugins by included a URL and installing using TGM plugin activation.

Also, your theme has no readme file. Please add a readme file which clearly details all copyright and licensing information. Include in your readme files details of any starter themes you may have used such as _s or twentyfourteen.

Note that all assets included in the theme, such as images, jQuery libraries, fonts etc... must all be GPL compatible. Please details all of these along with their appropriate licensing information when you resubmit the theme.

The review will not continue until the above is done.

#6 @vivacityinfotech.jaipur
4 years ago

Hi Afzaal,

I have made the changes you requested, let me know do I need to re-submit the theme files again?

I will do accordingly.

Vivacity InfoTech

#7 @thinkupthemes
4 years ago

Hello vivacityinfotech.jaipur,

It has taken you 4 days to provide an update. Please can you try and get this done sooner in future. Whenever you submit a revision I'll review it within 12 hours, often much quicker. So the quicker you update the quicker I can review.

Please upload the latest version of your theme from the themes upload page as you had done originally.



#8 @thinkupthemes
4 years ago

Hi vivacityinfotech.jaipur,

Are you having problems uploading your theme? Please note that themes are now starting to be automatically disaproved if there are long delays between responses. Just a note that you should bear in mind.


#9 @thinkupthemes
4 years ago

  • Resolution set to not-approved
  • Status changed from reviewing to closed

In 6 days very little progress has been made. Given this I question the developers commitment. Not providing updates acts to only waste reviewers time. In addition, the current version contains no licensing information in a readme file.

Rejected in it's current state. Please review the theme review guidelines before resubmitting.

Last edited 4 years ago by thinkupthemes (previous) (diff)

#10 @vivacityinfotech.jaipur
4 years ago

Hi Afzaal,

I have made the changes you requested and added a readme file along with all license details, its due to various license details that need to be review before usuges, so that is why its taken so many days.

I have re-submitted the theme now.

Vivacity InfoTech

#11 @thinkupthemes
4 years ago

Well I hope this is a lesson learnt for next time.

The theme has now been rejected. If you want it reviewed then please resubmit, however excessive delays with no progress being made will simply result in another rejection.

Last edited 4 years ago by thinkupthemes (previous) (diff)

#12 @vivacityinfotech.jaipur
4 years ago

Hi Afzaal,

I have re-submitted it now, Do i need to change name or anything as new submission?

Vivacity InfoTech

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