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THEME: SemPress - 1.5.0

Reported by: pfefferle Owned by: jcastaneda
Priority: theme update Keywords: theme-sempress accessibility-ready
Cc: pfefferle@…, joedolson


SemPress - 1.5.0

SemPress is an extremely lightweight, responsive theme designed to show off your posts, quotes, and images. SemPress supports multiple post formats, widgets, and the option to upload a custom header or background image. The theme is based on HTML5 mixed with microformats, microformats v2 and microdata (Schema.org).

Theme URL - https://github.com/pfefferle/SemPress
Author URL - http://notizblog.org/projects/sempress/

SVN - https://themes.svn.wordpress.org/sempress/1.5.0
ZIP - https://wordpress.org/themes/download/sempress.1.5.0.zip?nostats=1

Diff with previous version: https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/changeset?old_path=/sempress/1.4.5&new_path=/sempress/1.5.0


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Change History (11)

#1 @tskk
3 years ago

  • Cc joedolson added
  • Keywords changed from theme-sempress, accessibility-ready to theme-sempress accessibility-ready

#2 @pfefferle
3 years ago

The compat file is only for older WordPress versions that doesn't support the HTML5 stuff. I also use the "add_theme_support" (see sempress_setup in functions.php)

#3 @tskk
3 years ago

You are required not to support them :)
See : https://make.wordpress.org/themes/handbook/guidelines/#required

Themes must not provide backward compatibility for out-of-date WordPress versions (more than two prior major WordPress versions – currently, that means versions prior to WordPress 3.8), including using function_exists() conditional wrappers for current WordPress functions.

#4 @jcastaneda
3 years ago

  • Owner set to jcastaneda
  • Status changed from new to reviewing

I'll leave it open until the a11y review is complete.

Curious why you're checking to begin with? The reason I ask is because the way you are going about it is by filtering the output so you don't really need to check the version, which is a great practice to get into. :)

-just my 2cents

#5 @pfefferle
3 years ago

That's true, but I thought it might save rendering time if I only filter the output if it is really needed. I will remove all compat stuff that is done for older WordPress versions but I would like to stay with the things WordPress doesn't supprt yet, like the autocomplete attributes for example:

 * adds the new HTML5 input types to the comment-form
 * @param string $form
 * @return string
function sempress_comment_autocomplete($fields) {
  $fields['author'] = preg_replace('/<input/', '<input autocomplete="nickname name" ', $fields['author']);
  $fields['email'] = preg_replace('/<input/', '<input autocomplete="email" ', $fields['email']);
  $fields['url'] = preg_replace('/<input/', '<input autocomplete="url" ', $fields['url']);

  return $fields;
add_filter("comment_form_default_fields", "sempress_comment_autocomplete");

#6 @joedolson
3 years ago

I'm currently traveling, so it may take a week or so before i can do this review. You can check with DavidAKennedy to see if he can do it sooner.

#7 @joedolson
3 years ago

I'm back, and I'll aim to get this done before I leave for WCSF on Friday.

#8 @joedolson
3 years ago

On just a very superficial review (first 30 seconds), I can tell that this theme is not going to pass the accessibility-ready review. The first items I note are that the main navigation is not keyboard accessible and that the post meta data is well under the required color contrast standards. It darkens when the post container is hovered, but that is useless to anybody who's unable to use a mouse -- it needs to meet contrast guidelines at all times.

Additionally, the continue reading links do not contain the post title, so they also don't pass the requirements, and the skip to content link should be the first focusable object on the page (right now, it's after the menu toggle.)

The menu toggle almost passes, although I'd suggest using a <button> instead of an anchor. It needs to have a visible focus, however, so that keyboard-only users can see when they've focused on it.

I suggest that you review the accessibility-ready guidelines (https://make.wordpress.org/themes/handbook/guidelines/accessibility/), and make these changes and any others that you notice. You can then upload an update and I'll do a second review.

#9 @pfefferle
3 years ago

OK, thank you.

I will fix the accessibility issues and remove the backwards compatibility stuff.

#10 @joedolson
3 years ago

Thank you!

#11 @jcastaneda
3 years ago

  • Resolution set to not-approved
  • Status changed from reviewing to closed

Closing due to inactivity in over a week. Please be sure to read over the links and information @joedolson has mentioned prior to submitting. :)

ps, if you haven't already seen it: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/10/29/title-tags-in-4-1/

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