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THEME: Opus Primus - 1.3

Reported by: cais Owned by: emiluzelac
Priority: theme update Keywords: theme-opus-primus
Cc: edward.caissie@…


Opus Primus - 1.3

A WordPress Framework Theme ... the first work. It works first. Designed and developed to be extensible and easily modified, based in the principles of decisions not options. Opus Primus supports all of the current Post-Formats as well as auto-magically converting between one, two, and three column layouts. Enjoy the mobile friendly menu integration of SlickNav and improved responsive video performance with FitVids. You have access to custom backgrounds as well as a flexible custom header, too. Feel free to visit the <a href="http://opusprimus.com">Opus Primus</a> website for more details and information about the theme and how it is built. You will also find tutorials on how to modify and work with Opus Primus Child-Themes.

Theme URL - http://opusprimus.com/
Author URL - http://edwardcaissie.com/

SVN - https://themes.svn.wordpress.org/opus-primus/1.3
ZIP - https://wordpress.org/themes/download/opus-primus.1.3.zip?nostats=1

Diff with previous version: https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/changeset?old_path=/opus-primus/1.2.5&new_path=/opus-primus/1.3


Ticket Summary Status Resolution Owner
#11106 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.0 closed closed-newer-version-uploaded emiluzelac
#11325 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.0.1 closed closed-newer-version-uploaded emiluzelac
#11367 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.0.2 closed closed-newer-version-uploaded emiluzelac
#11386 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.0.3 closed closed-newer-version-uploaded emiluzelac
#11417 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.0.4 closed live emiluzelac
#11738 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.1 closed live emiluzelac
#11803 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.1.1 closed live nishasingh
#13740 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.2.1 closed live grapplerulrich
#15017 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.2.2 closed live ZGani
#16874 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.2.3 closed live jcastaneda
#18889 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.2.4 closed live tskk
#19955 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.2.5 closed live jcastaneda
#21772 THEME: Opus Primus - 1.3 closed live emiluzelac

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#23510 THEME: Opus Primus – 1.3.3 closed live emiluzelac
#23681 THEME: Opus Primus – 1.3.4 closed live jcastaneda
#25523 THEME: Opus Primus – 1.4 closed live jcastaneda
#30366 THEME: Opus Primus – 1.4.1 closed live jcastaneda


Change History (4)

#1 @cais
3 years ago

Opus Primus Changelog

Version 1.3


  • Added post-title-link wrapper class to better manage Post Title output
  • Added WordPress HTML5 markup support for search form, comment form, comment list, and caption
  • Added sanity checks to ensure constants are not already defined
  • Added OpusPrimusRouter class to replace path and URL CONSTANTS
  • Added Child-Theme "slug" for easier customizations
  • Added empty hooks before and after showing the breadcrumbs
  • Added OpusPrimusComments class methods to functions.php to work-around duplicate output issue
  • Added checks for Child-Theme and relevant references to opus_primus_support_comment
  • Better code organization to only load classes when needed
  • Changed post breadcrumb link to the WordPress shortlink
  • Create /lib/ folder to store bundled libraries and ancillary files
  • Enqueue JavaScripts and CSS for SlickNav JavaScript plugin integration to handle mobile menus
  • Extracted the Opus Primus PullQuotes Stanza (see https://github.com/Cais/opus-primus-pullquotes)
  • Moved support_comment method to functions.php to eliminate duplicate output
  • Replaced the majority of require_once calls with locate_template calls
  • Replaced global variable calls with new class instances
  • Update to use preg_match_all in OpusPrimusGallery featured and secondary id methods


  • Added new typography styles for better reading
  • Added styles for the "BNS Login" plugin
  • Added clear: both to footer
  • Added width: auto; for th and td elements
  • Added #header-widgets to the "Clearance" section of opus-primus.css
  • Added minor attachment related styles
  • Added better search form aesthetics in the sidebar
  • Change default ul list-style property to none inside
  • Hide the post/page breadcrumbs in mobile displays
  • Hide "Search" button for search form
  • Removed duplicate definitions from media queries stylesheet
  • Removed unused div#top-navigation-menu definition
  • Removed unused nav div.nav ul li definition
  • Updated editor-style.css to match new typography of theme
  • Updated galleries styles to use HTML5 markup
  • Updated font-size of excerpt more link symbol to 35px from 200%



  • Added Contact Form 7 compatibility
  • Added BNS Login compatibility to use dashicons display
  • Added Gravity Forms compatibility (for reCaptcha form)
  • Added to readme.txt FAQ "I just updated to version 1.3, what could be causing these child-theme errors?"
  • Removed works-in-progress folder from theme
  • Updated readme.txt to note the use and license of SlickNav by Josh Cope
  • Updated readme.txt to note the use and license of FitVids by Chris Coyier and Paravel
  • Updated readme.txt to remove FAQ item related to blank menu items; resolved in WordPress core trac ticket #23254
  • Updated style.css description to emphasize the addition of the SlickNav and FitVids libraries
  • Updated screenshot.png to better reflect latest release
  • Updated hooks-actions.txt with new additions

#2 @emiluzelac
3 years ago

  • Owner set to emiluzelac
  • Status changed from new to reviewing

#3 @emiluzelac
3 years ago

  • Resolution set to live
  • Status changed from reviewing to closed

Previously approved themes, reviewed and marked live in batch. The list was never-ending. If there are issues we can always address them in next update.

#4 @cais
3 years ago

Thanks, Emil!

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