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#29322 closed theme (not-approved)

THEME: Quality Parallax – 0.1

Reported by: priyanshu.mittal Owned by: akhlesh nagar
Priority: new theme Keywords: theme-quality-parallax child-theme parent-quality
Cc: priyanshu.mittal@…


Quality Parallax - 0.1

Quality Parallax is a free one page Wordpress theme. It’s perfect for web agency business,corporate business,personal and parallax business portfolio, photography sites and freelancer.Its child theme of Quality theme based on BootStrap with parallax support, is responsive, clean, modern, flat and minimal.

Theme URL - http://webriti.com/quality-parallax-child-version-details-page/
Author URL - http://www.webriti.com

SVN - https://themes.svn.wordpress.org/quality-parallax/0.1
ZIP - https://wordpress.org/themes/download/quality-parallax.0.1.zip?nostats=1
Parent Theme: https://wordpress.org/themes/quality


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#29322 THEME: Quality Parallax – 0.1 closed not-approved akhlesh nagar

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#1 @themetracbot
21 months ago

  • Owner set to benfurfie
  • Status changed from new to reviewing

#2 @grapplerulrich
20 months ago

  • Keywords changed from theme-quality-parallax, child-theme, parent-quality to theme-quality-parallax child-theme parent-quality
  • Owner benfurfie deleted

I am sorry this review is taking so long. Sometimes people are unable to carry on the review, this may have happened this time. As a result, I am going to add this to the new queue again as a priority. This may mean it still takes time, but will prevent this ticket being held for so long by a reviewer that isn't able to carry on. Thanks for your patience.

If you are the reviewer and able to do this review, please carry on and request you get added back in Slack #themereview.

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20 months ago

#4 @grapplerulrich
20 months ago

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#5 @grapplerulrich
20 months ago

  • Owner changed from akhleshnagar to akhlesh nagar

#6 @akhlesh nagar
20 months ago

  • Status changed from reviewing to approved


Custom template added into the theme and no issue found .

Approving this theme .

Thanks to author to make such a wounder full theme .


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#7 @chipbennett
20 months ago

  • Status changed from approved to reopened


  • Theme must support core implementation of static page as front page, rather than creating custom options/custom page templates. Use core options, and front-page.php template file, instead of home.php and custom Theme options. I realize that this is something that probably would need to be fixed in the parent Theme first. If so, please address in the parent Theme, as well.
  • Do not use the 'menu' parameter in wp_nav_menu(). Use only the 'theme_location' parameter.
  • Remove Theme-promotional front page demo content
  • Do not use Theme options for content creation (e.g. "Add a service", "Add a project", etc.). If this needs to be fixed in the parent Theme, please fix it there as well.
  • Do not link external pages inside of the admin interface
  • Do not include a customizer integration merely to show only disabled, pro options. Again, if this needs to be fixed in the parent Theme, please fix it there as well.

This is not an exhaustive review.

#8 @chipbennett
20 months ago

  • Status changed from reopened to reviewing

#9 follow-up: @priyanshu.mittal
20 months ago

@chipbennett Updated Parent Theme

  1. Removed front-page.php from parent theme and added a custom template.
  2. Removed menu parameter from wp_nav_menu
  3. Removed all the disabled pro sections.

Kindly elaborate Do not use Theme options for content creation (e.g. "Add a service", "Add a project", etc.). If this needs to be fixed in the parent Theme, please fix it there as well.


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#10 in reply to: ↑ 9 @chipbennett
20 months ago

Replying to priyanshu.mittal:

Kindly elaborate Do not use Theme options for content creation (e.g. "Add a service", "Add a project", etc.). If this needs to be fixed in the parent Theme, please fix it there as well.

"Service", "project", etc. are content types, not theme options. They represent content creation, not theme configuration, and thus fall on the wrong side of the Content vs Presentation requirement.

#11 @priyanshu.mittal
20 months ago

Hi @chipbennett

Thanks for elaborating. You mentioned that Service Project etc are content types. But we have used them as section labels. There are no Custom Post Types created by theme to add services, projects etc etc.

Let me what you think.


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19 months ago

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19 months ago

#14 @chipbennett
19 months ago

@priyanshu.mittal here are the docs from the theme, regarding e.g. "portfolio":


And here is how the "portfolio" ("project") is created in the parent theme:


Even though the child theme only adds a "section title" to the display of project/portfolio, is not merely a "section title". It constitutes content creation by the parent theme, even if the number of "projects" is limited to 3, rather than allowing an arbitrary number.

#15 @priyanshu.mittal
19 months ago


This link http://webriti.com/help/themes/quality/how-to-add-portfolio-in-quality-theme/ demonstrate how to configure portfolio in Premium version of this theme. In the Premium version portfolio is created by custom post types types.

In the lite version of quality theme, that section, is configured via settings created in customizer.


#16 @priyanshu.mittal
19 months ago

@chipbennett have you seen my last post?

#17 @chipbennett
19 months ago

@priyanshu.mittal yes I did. I don't see how it addresses the concern I detailed, regarding content creation in the free version of the parent theme. That a CPT isn't specifically used does not mean that what is being done does not constitute content creation.

#18 @priyanshu.mittal
19 months ago

@chipbennett please send some sample so that we can take it as a reference.

#19 @chipbennett
19 months ago

@priyanshu.mittal what sort of samples are you looking for?

#20 @priyanshu.mittal
19 months ago

@chipbennett I have seen number of themes which gives a settings in the customizer to configure services, projects etc ,more specifically, number of themes labled the customizer setting by name Service Setting, Project Setting etc.

Please share any sample theme for the reference.


#21 @chipbennett
19 months ago


Please refer to the Handbook:

The theme options should not be pseudo custom post types and save non-trivial user data. Non-design related functionality is not allowed.

If you disagree that this describes what the parent Theme is doing, please explain.

#22 @priyanshu.mittal
19 months ago

Totally confused, can we chat on slack

This ticket was mentioned in Slack in #themereview by webriti. View the logs.

19 months ago

#24 @priyanshu.mittal
19 months ago

Hi @chipbennett

Now I am very much clear about the concept, have no idea about this requirement. Din't followed slack discussion from long time.

Let me know one thing if we use Core Widgets, WordPress pages / posts and some custom widgets which pulls data of post and pages to configure sections and add setting in the customizer to configure sections heading is that okay.

If yes, than I need more time to update this theme.


#25 @grapplerulrich
19 months ago

@priyanshu.mittal asked me for a second opinion. So here it is

The Service, Project / Portfolio, Testimonial, Team, Client sections are all pseudo custom post types. That means they are saving data to the settings table instead of the post table but act the same as a custom post type.

In a previous meeting we decided not to too allow locked setting so you will need to remove all of the pro features from the theme.

You will also need to remove the "About Section Title" and "About Section Description" as you can use the page title for the section title and the custom excerpt from the page for the description.

#26 @priyanshu.mittal
19 months ago

In the last night meeting it was said that the minor content are okay and things like About section title and description comes under minor content I guess.

I now know that we have to figure out a way to remove all the major content creation blocks and instead support WordPress core post / pages or recommending plugins.

Will remove all the lock tabs and instead use one.


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#27 @grapplerulrich
19 months ago

@priyanshu.mittal Can you please upload an update. @akhlesh nagar Please continue with the review

#28 @akhlesh nagar
19 months ago

HI @grapplerulrich

Right now I am busy , Will continue review theme after 2 3 days .

Kindly Fix the bug and upload theme .


#29 @grapplerulrich
18 months ago

@priyanshu.mittal The ticket will be closed if there is no update.

#30 @priyanshu.mittal
18 months ago

@grapplerulrich @akhlesh nagar I need more time on this as I am changing this theme to follow new guidelines.

So don't close this ticket.


#31 @grapplerulrich
18 months ago

  • Resolution set to not-approved
  • Status changed from reviewing to closed

Closing due to no response in 3 weeks

#32 @priyanshu.mittal
18 months ago

Kindly reopen the ticket.

We are already working on the new guidelines already have 4 themes under review so allow me more time.

Justin already agreed on this


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