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#36207 closed theme (not-approved)

THEME: Blogostrap – 1.0

Reported by: nsthemes Owned by: poena
Priority: new theme Keywords: theme-blogostrap
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Blogostrap - 1.0

Blogostrap is a simple clean WordPress blog. The horizontal image header with a left sidebar is beauty for website and blog. It has a theme option to customize this theme as you like.

Theme URL - http://www.nsthemes.com/preview/wp/blogostrap
Author URL - http://www.nsthemes.com/

SVN - https://themes.svn.wordpress.org/blogostrap/1.0
ZIP - https://wordpress.org/themes/download/blogostrap.1.0.zip?nostats=1


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#36207 THEME: Blogostrap – 1.0 closed not-approved poena

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Thank you for submitting your theme.
Your theme has been partially reviewed against these requirements:

As part of the new theme directory guidelines, reviewers may now close tickets if a theme has 5 or more issues.
This is part of our long term goals to improve the theme quality and shorten the queues.
You can read more about this change here: https://make.wordpress.org/themes.

Please do not get discouraged by the ticket being closed. A closed ticket is not the end.
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-Because of the large number of themes waiting for review, we might not be able to follow up immediately.

If you have questions you can ask them here or in the #themereview channel on Slack


If you are a theme shop you should be selling under GPL to be in the WordPress.org repo.
These terms are not GPL compatible:
http://www.nsthemes.com/faq/ "You can use all our themes for personal use or commercial use but you can’t deploy it and sell"
(You can add any terms you like to other, non WordPress products)

I was unable to find a copyright statement for the theme itself, this is required to use GPL. Example:
Fred WordPress Theme, Copyright 2012 Joe Smith
Fred is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL
I could not find license, source, and copyright information for the images in the screenshot.

Theme URI is optional. If used, it is required to link to a page with information about the Theme. If a demonstration site is being used, the content must be related to the theme itself and not test data.

No minification of scripts or files unless you provide original files.
Required to use core-bundled scripts rather than including their own version of that script. For example jQuery.

Themes are required to use the Customizer for implementing theme options.
Separate options pages are not allowed.

The Display Site Title and Tagline in the customizer is not working. The text is meant to be hidden when the box is unchecked.
The background color, background image and header image options are not working.
The background image only works if the front page is set to a static page.
Note that you are not required to support these features, but you have added them with add_theme_support in functions.php,
and all options available in the customizer must work.

Non-design related functionality is not allowed:
Contact forms, sending emails
Google analytics
Counting likes (and using cookies is not allowed in themes)
Meta boxes can only be used for presentation, like selecting layout options, not to create content. The user should not loose content when they switch themes.
There is also no sanitizing or escaping in ns_metaboxes.php, this is not safe. (Validate and/or sanitize untrusted data before entering into the database)

Themes are required to use WordPress functionality if avialable.
The favicon needs to be removed since this is already available in the customizer under Site icon.

No hard coding of script and style files.
html5.js needs to be removed from header.php and enqueued.
ns-style-admin.css should only be loaded when needed, not on the entire admin.

Provide a unique prefix for everything the Theme defines in the public namespace, including options, functions, global variables, constants, post meta, etc.
The recommended prefix is the theme slug. You are using some different prefixes, but there are also functions like
special_nav_class which is not prefixed at all.
In ns_enqueue_style, the 'style' handle needs to be prefixed.

All untrusted data should be escaped before output.
You need to escape all theme options and also post meta data, not oly echo them.

All theme text strings are to be translatable.
There is text in the theme that is missing translation functions and text domain.
comments.php comments_number( '0 REPLY', '1 REPLY', '% REPLIES' ); ?> TO <?php the_title();
footer.php by
header.php Toggle navigation
multiple files:
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Recommended reading:



The coding standards are not required to pass the review, but they can be helpful when developing your theme.

The code reference library is very useful when you want to know more about WordPress functions, classes, hooks and methods.
It can help you determine if a function needs to be escaped or not, or if a function you have planned to write is already available.

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