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#43108 closed theme (not-approved)

THEME: GSpark – 2.0.6

Reported by: growthhit Owned by: salttechno
Priority: previously reviewed Keywords: theme-gspark
Cc: george@…


GSpark - 2.0.6

A fast mobile Responsive WordPress theme built for speed and optimized for conversions with calls to action or CTA.

Theme URL - https://spark.growthhit.com/
Author URL - https://growthhit.com

Trac Browser - https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/browser/gspark/2.0.6

SVN - https://themes.svn.wordpress.org/gspark/2.0.6
ZIP - https://wordpress.org/themes/download/gspark.2.0.6.zip?nostats=1

Diff with previous version: https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/changeset?old_path=gspark/2.0.5&new_path=gspark/2.0.6


Ticket Summary Status Resolution Owner
#43022 THEME: GSpark – 2.0.5 closed not-approved poena
#43108 THEME: GSpark – 2.0.6 closed not-approved salttechno

(this ticket)

Theme Check Results:

  • RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_theme_support( "custom-background", $args ) was found in the theme. If the theme uses background images or solid colors for the background, then it is recommended that the theme implement this functionality.
  • RECOMMENDED: No reference to add_editor_style() was found in the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement editor styling, so as to make the editor content match the resulting post output in the theme, for a better user experience.
  • RECOMMENDED: No reference to the_post_thumbnail() was found in the theme. It is recommended that the theme implement this functionality instead of using custom fields for thumbnails.
  • RECOMMENDED: Tags: is either empty or missing in style.css header.

Change History (10)

#1 @growthhit
9 months ago

Hello! Just checking on the status of this. I have completely worked it over, very excited to get reviewed. Thanks!

#2 @growthhit
9 months ago


#3 @growthhit
9 months ago

Can I close this ticket and re-submit? Is that what I need to do?

#4 @growthhit
9 months ago

Hello again! I really appreciate the help of the community, but I am very curious about what the next step here is. Thanks

#5 @joyously
8 months ago

Themes are reviewed in the order of submission. If your ticket was closed, uploads create a new ticket at the bottom of the queue. Your theme is currently 15 from the top. See review queue.

Here is some user feedback to consider before your review.

  • The added comments on the recommended plugins makes it look like a wall of text that I don't want to read. Consider only recommending plugins that the theme does something with. And you misspelled Wordfence.
  • The fallback menu does not have the submenu background color.
  • The mobile menu does not show the structure of the menu (all links at same level).
  • There is an odd delay with the submenus. Make the window narrow and open the menu. Then drag the window wider until the regular menu shows. The submenus are still showing and then they disappear. Drag the window narrow again. The submenus do not show and then they slide in. Both feel a bit odd.
  • I would adjust the line-height of the site title to match the font size. (same for menu links)
  • Comments are showing the ordered list number, which is confusing for paged and nested comments. Try using CSS to hide the number.
  • The comments are using a <footer> tag to hold the comment meta, and this comes before the comment content. But the stylesheet has large paddings and centering on footer, which is probably not what you intended.
  • The Custom Menu widget in the sidebar does not show the menu structure.
  • Default link color is black, so in the footer unstyled links are invisible on the dark gray background.
  • The calendar widget is a bit too wide and overlaps other widgets in the footer.
  • The blog page looks a bit silly as it has tall boxes with empty space yet the text is cut off, even on the one with a featured image. https://s10.postimg.org/iij63z6vt/excerpt-cut-off.jpg
  • static Page formatting
    • The user content default font size is a bit small. Anything smaller is too small!
    • <h5> is way small, <h6> is tiny. How is that a heading?
    • Nested list items get smaller and smaller.
  • Post formatting - why is this different than Pages?
    • The user content default font size is slightly larger than most browser defaults. I'm not complaining, just noting the difference to Pages.
    • <h3>, <h4> are smaller than <p>. <h5> is way small, <h6> is tiny.
    • Nested list items get bigger and bigger.
  • The <q> tag is unstyled (default removed).
  • These are only 8.8px! because of code, kbd, tt, var {font-size: 0.9375rem;} and html {font-size: 62.5%;}. The <pre> tag has it also.
  • Lists have a bottom margin that makes nested lists look odd (and too tall).
  • A long line in <code> overflows the container, causing a scrollbar.
  • You might want to hide the menu, comment form, widget areas for the print styles.
  • Themes should support the gallery default of 3 columns.
  • Remove rtl.css or add actual styles to it.
  • Pingback <link> should be conditional (singular and pings_open).
  • gh-head.php has hard-coded style and link tags. These should be enqueued.
  • Remove the styles from footer.php and enqueue them properly.
  • Don't enqueue jquery directly. Use jquery in the dependency parameter for the scripts that need it, so they are all loaded in the correct order.
  • The theme stylesheet is enqueued with a version number of current time, and another call without it is commented out. Consider using the theme version number instead, so that users get the correct version on upgrade.
  • Theme is tagged theme-options, but does not provide any.

#6 @growthhit
8 months ago

Wow, great feedback. Thanks very much. I am curious though - I thought I did have theme options, apparently not - what exactly are theme options? I thought it was options available in the customizer?

#7 @joyously
8 months ago

When I run your theme with no plugins, there are no theme options in the Customizer. I see Core options only.
I suppose if I install Titan, I might get options, but then it's the plugin doing it, not the theme, right?

#8 @themetracbot
8 months ago

  • Owner set to salttechno
  • Status changed from new to reviewing

#9 @salttechno
8 months ago

Hello growthhit,

I'm starting your theme's review. I'll update my points here once I complete it.

Nilesh G

#10 @salttechno
8 months ago

  • Resolution set to not-approved
  • Status changed from reviewing to closed


Thank you for submitting your theme.

Your theme has been reviewed against these requirements:

joyously has already provided valuable feedback before this theme review. Below are my comments:


  • The theme tags in style.css and description must match what the theme actually does in respect to functionality and design. - You have added theme-options tag but your theme doesn't support theme options without an external plugin.
  • This theme text domain does not match the theme's slug. The text domain used: growthspark. This theme's correct slug and text-domain is gspark.
  • Stylesheets must be registered/enqueued via wp_enqueue_style. - Multiple occurrences of this issue. Remove it from all places before resubmitting. Ex: - https://s13.postimg.org/x83kimgev/Screen_Shot_2017-07-05_at_11.01.02_PM.png
  • Comments are not styled properly. https://s9.postimg.org/tb5fgmayn/Screen_Shot_2017-07-05_at_11.10.28_PM.png
  • License URI: LICENSE is mentioned in style.css but no LICENSE file is found within theme folder. https://make.wordpress.org/themes/handbook/review/required/#licensing


  • Remove blank rtl.css or add proper styles in it.
  • README.md file is _s theme readme file. You have not modified it as per your theme.
  • Some random gh-style.css file is added with some non-CSS content.
  • Place .css files separately in folder like css or styles. Don't mix them up with inc folder.

I'm sorry to say but unfortunately, your theme is rejected because it has more than 5 distinct issues. Please do not get discouraged by the ticket being closed. -We want you to resubmit your theme,
but we do ask that you spend more time making sure that your theme meets all the requirements.

I hope this review helps you in improving your theme.

Nilesh G

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