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#1 @aaroncampbell
7 years ago

I fixed everything from the previous ticket except this:

You must display some form of 'Comments are closed' message on posts with closed comments. Note that Pages with closed comments should not display this message.

I personally think that message is ugly. We had even talked about removing it from core themes (specifically Twenty Eleven). We didn't, but the point is that I think it's perfectly valid to display a single post with no comments and no message saying they're closed.

#2 @aaroncampbell
7 years ago

Oh, and I was asked about the two instances of output buffering. In lib\admin\menu.php it's basically to do exactly what was done in #15377 but for pre-3.2, and the one in lib\functions\tools.php is just a development function that is used to better look at variables. Using it you can add a title above to name the variable, you can output as html or plaintext, put the whole output in html comments, etc. The output buffering allows that function to RETURN the output from var_dump rather than echo it, which is useful if you want to send that information to yourself via E-Mail.

#3 @garinungkadol
6 years ago

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#4 @garinungkadol
6 years ago

This is a complete review. Below are the theme review results. Anything marked FAIL needs to be addressed. Anything marked REQUIRED is needed to be fixed while anything marked RECOMMENDED is strongly advised. Other points may be raised purely for information.

Thanks for explaining the purpose of output buffers - that's acceptable usage. All that is needed is to fix the Tag Archives page navigation and wait for the Theme URI to propagate and I can approve your theme.

RECOMMENDATION: APPROVED when remaining issues are fixed.

Issues from Previous Review: PASS pending resolution to the two top-most issues.

  • NOT-FIXED: Theme URI: http://essencetheme.com is returning a DNS Server Failure error. I'm guessing the domain is propagating at the moment. I'll check back when you've uploaded the revised zip file.
  • ALMOST-FIXED: Only Tag archives do not display page navigation links. Author, Category and Monthly archives as well as Search Results are okay.
  • FIXED: No more debugger errors in Category Archives.
  • FIXED: Floated elements are properly cleared
  • FIXED: Styling of "Older Comments" link no longer pushes the first comment to the right.
  • FIXED: Blockquotes have more padding.
  • FIXED: Header images and logo is appearing.
  • FIXED: Widget on right side of header is appearing when option is selected.
  • FIXED: Options page and buttons are properly styled.
  • FIXED: Post content has background color so readability is not affected by setting a background image.
  • FIXED: Theme is sanitizing options.
  • FIXED: Theme is using edit_theme_options capability with add_theme_page.
  • FIXED: All custom constants are properly prefixed.
  • FIXED: $_REQUEST['debug'] is used when WP_DEBUG is turned on.
  • FIXED: readme.txt conforms to WordPress standard.
  • Theme author has opted not to display 'Comments are closed' message for posts.

Theme check test results : PASS

Other Notes

  • Please remove the 'essence.komodoproject' file from the zip package.

If there are any issues once resolved, please re-submit your Theme using the uploader tool on wordpress.org/extend/themes, and a new Trac ticket will be generated.

  • Re-submitted Themes are given review priority over new Themes.

You can use the following tools to recreate the issues raised above if any have been:

Themes should be reviewed using define('WP_DEBUG', true); in wp-config.php
You can also view the Theme Review page.

Theme developer questions, comments, and feedback are welcome and encouraged. Please use one of the following methods:

  • 1) Leave a comment on this ticket
  • 2) Email the theme-reviewers email list
  • 3) Use the #wordpress-themes channel on irc.freenode.net

#5 @aaroncampbell
6 years ago

Yep, I decided to get a site just for this theme and out was still proposing. It's live now. A got the tag archives, I'll fix them a soon as I get back to the office. Do I upload a new zip when it's fixed?

#6 @aaroncampbell
6 years ago

Uploaded new version with tag template pagination navigation and komodo project file removed. The site (http://essencetheme.com) now exists and is being built out (fully there, functional, and running Essence...yay for dogfooding).

#7 @aaroncampbell
6 years ago

Oh, the new ticket is #4702

#8 @garinungkadol
6 years ago

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