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#50191 closed theme (not-approved)

THEME: VideoStories – 1.0.1

Reported by: Litonice13 Owned by: bloompixel
Priority: previously reviewed Keywords: theme-videostories
Cc: litonice09@…


VideoStories - 1.0.1

VideoStories is a not just a Video Theme, it’s a Video Solution for Video related Websites. You can build Video Websites, Movie Websites or IMDb Review Websites. Perfect solution for Video Marketers.

Theme URL - http://demo.prowptheme.com/videostories/
Author URL - https://prowptheme.com

Trac Browser - https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/browser/videostories/1.0.1

SVN - https://themes.svn.wordpress.org/videostories/1.0.1
ZIP - https://wordpress.org/themes/download/videostories.1.0.1.zip?nostats=1

Diff with previous version: https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/changeset?old_path=videostories/1.0.0&new_path=videostories/1.0.1


Ticket Summary Status Resolution Owner
#47609 THEME: VideoStories – 1.0.0 closed closed-newer-version-uploaded bloompixel
#50191 THEME: VideoStories – 1.0.1 closed not-approved bloompixel

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#50728 THEME: VideoStories – 1.0.3 new


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#1 @Litonice13
5 weeks ago

Fixed Escaping issues, Data Validation and Global issues.

#2 @Mahesh901122
5 weeks ago

Theme review is continue from ticket 47609.

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#3 @rabmalin
5 weeks ago

  • Owner set to bloompixel
  • Status changed from new to reviewing

#4 @rabmalin
5 weeks ago

@bloompixel Please continue review here.

#5 @bloompixel
5 weeks ago

@rabmalin Sure

#6 @bloompixel
5 weeks ago

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Hi @Litonice13

Here is my feedback after reviewing your theme

  1. Translation Ready

String is not translatable in search.php L21
String is not translatable in template-tags.php L67
String is not translatable in template-tags.php L79
String is not translatable in wp_bootstrap_navwalker.php L212

  1. Licensing Issue

the license in style.css is GPL v2
the license in readme is GPL v3

  1. Using sanitize_text_field instead of sanitize_textarea_field for textarea in customizer.php L97
  2. Escaping issue

esc_html is used instead of esc_html_ _ in template-tags.php L332

There may be more issues. Please make sure to review all the requirements carefully: Required items

And test your theme with these plugins:

You may also look at recommended items for additional best practice

#7 @Litonice13
3 weeks ago

Hello @bloompixel,
Uploaded newer version with fixes above you've mentioned.
Can you Please help me to find out the way how you've got "not translatable" Strings? Like any Plugins or something else?

I'm struggling with this to find those strings.

I'll be happy if you continue your Review again without Closing my Tickets again.

Closing Tickets With minor issues is really hurts.


#8 @Litonice13
5 days ago

Hello @rabmalin @Mahesh901122 ,
Again @bloompixel closed my ticket for small issues. I don't know how many years I've to wait for Approve my Theme.

Please help me to resolve this issues. I'm requesting to assign another Reviewer instead of @bloompixel. This guy closing tickets on every review.


#9 @rabmalin
3 days ago

I checked your theme (this version and also your latest version). Unfortunately, even in your latest update, there are lots of issues. Few issues are listed below.

I don't know how many years I've to wait for Approve my Theme.

I understand your feeling and it obviously feels bad when your ticket get closed after waiting long. But if there are issues then it could take months or years. Theme author should be responsible to make theme compatible with theme review guideline. If your theme had no issues then your theme would have been live several months ago. So, in the future please make sure that theme has no issues.

Fix following issues and also check your theme thoroughly. I am not going to reopen this ticket so you would have to wait in the queue. When ticket get turn for reviewer, please make sure theme has no issues, otherwise it could get closed (no mater how many months you have waited in the queue).


  • REQUIRED: Theme URL is invalid. https://make.wordpress.org/themes/handbook/review/required/#selling-credits-and-links
  • REQUIRED: Post views feature is plugin territory. Please remove it.
  • REQUIRED: Value in href attribute should be always escaped with esc_url.
  • REQUIRED: comments.php L84, 85, etc - Inside HTML attributes, use esc_attr__() instead of esc_html__(). Please check in other files also.
  • REQUIRED: No minified files unless unminified version is also provided. Check all assets in your theme.
  • REQUIRED: Remove unused images, files, etc from your theme. Eg logo.png, etc.
  • REQUIRED: Remove videostories_pagination() and use the_posts_pagination() for numeric pagination in archives. If you want to modify pagination markup, you can use appropriate filter.
  • REQUIRED: add_filter( 'wp_insert_post_data', 'videostories_default_comments_on' ); - It is not theme's job to set comment status. Please remove it.
  • REQUIRED: Change date('Y') to date_i18n(__('Y','textdomain'))
  • REQUIRED: Remove custom search form and use get_search_form(). You can use searchform.php if you want to customize.
  • REQUIRED: videostories_admin_load_scripts() - Admin scripts and styles should be loaded only in required admin pages. Currently those are loaded in all admin pages.
  • REQUIRED: When loading third party PHP library, proper check is needed before loading. Example:
    if ( ! class_exists( 'wp_bootstrap_navwalker' )) {
        require_once get_template_directory() . '/inc/wp_bootstrap_navwalker.php';

After noting down the issues, its sad to see that your latest update could also be closed. :unamused:

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