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#5474 closed theme (not-approved)

THEME: Kusarigama - 1.0.1

Reported by: marcycaster Owned by: emhr
Priority: Keywords: theme-kusarigama
Cc: marcello.brivio@…

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comment:1 marcycaster3 years ago

Hi, I didn't receive any news about this new version of my theme, Kusarigama.
Let me know if enything else is needed in order to have it approved.

comment:2 marcycaster3 years ago

Hi, I didn't receive any news about this new version of my theme, Kusarigama.
Let me know if enything else is needed in order to have it approved.

comment:3 chipbennett3 years ago

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comment:4 sabreuse2 years ago

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comment:5 sabreuse2 years ago

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comment:6 sabreuse2 years ago

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comment:7 sabreuse2 years ago

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comment:8 emhr2 years ago

Recommend not-approved

Review Summary:
This is a cursory review only. This Theme failed a sufficient number of criteria to warrant discontinuing further review. Prior to re-submitting, please ensure Theme meets all requirements in the Latest Theme Review Guidelines and the Theme Unit Tests. Once these issues have been resolved, please re-submit your Theme using the uploader tool on wordpress.org/extend/themes, and a new Trac ticket will be generated.

Re-submitted Themes are given review priority over new Themes.
The Theme Review guidelines have been revised since you last submitted.
Test your Theme using the Theme Check tool, and ensure that no errors are found, prior to re-submission.

Code Quality:

Theme is required not to generate notices.

NOTICE: wp-content/themes/kusarigama/functions.php:118 - Undefined index: page
NOTICE: wp-content/themes/kusarigama/functions.php:119 - Undefined index: action
NOTICE: wp-content/themes/kusarigama/functions.php:133 - Undefined index: action
NOTICE: wp-content/themes/kusarigama/functions.php:146 - Undefined index: saved
NOTICE: wp-content/themes/kusarigama/functions.php:147 - Undefined index: reset

Theme Unit Test:
negative margin-bottom creating display issues for: .content h1, .content h2, .content h3, .content h4, .content h5, .content h6

Post: Image Test
Page 2: No alignment, with caption border displays abnormally
Page 3 : Wide Image, Not Resized overflows content area
Page 4 : Clearing Floats: pagination and postfooter not clearing properly

Required functions:
improper use: bloginfo('rss2_url') use get_feed_link('rss2')
improper use: bloginfo('stylesheet_url') use get_stylesheet_uri()
improper use: wp_enqueue_script( 'comment-reply' ) called in header.php it needs to be hooked into wp_enqueue_scripts from a
required use of wp_link_pages() currently pages cannot be paginated

Theme Settings and Data Security:
required to save options in a single array, rather than create multiple options for its settings page
required to validate and sanitize all untrusted data before entering data into the database
recommended to use the Settings API to get and save form input data rather than rely on $_POST and $_REQUEST

Responding To This Review
Theme developer questions, comments, and feedback are welcome and encouraged. Please use one of the following methods:
1) Leave a comment on this ticket
2) Email the theme-reviewers email list
3) Use the #wordpress-themes channel on irc.freenode.net

comment:9 emhr2 years ago

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