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#631 closed theme (not-approved)

THEME: Tarski - 2.7.1

Reported by: themetracbot Owned by: cais
Priority: Keywords: theme-tarski,


Tarski - 2.7.1

An elegant, flexible theme developed by <a href="http://extralogical.net/">Ben Eastaugh</a> and <a href="http://ceejayoz.com/">Chris Sternal-Johnson</a>.

Theme URL - http://tarskitheme.com/
Author URL - http://tarskitheme.com/about/

SVN - http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/tarski/2.7.1

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#1 @cais
7 years ago

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#2 @cais
7 years ago

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Theme Review:
=> Themes should be reviewed using "define('WP_DEBUG', true);" in wp-config.php
=> Themes should be reviewed using the test data from the Theme Checklists (TC)

WP_DEBUG et al.:
=> clicking save on the options page displays these messages:

  • Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in ../wp-content/themes/tarski/library/classes/options.php on line 130
  • Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started ...

=> Function: _c() Used in wp-content/themes/tarski/library/classes/comment_walker.php on line 81. Use _x() instead. Deprecated in version 2.9.

=> http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Unit_Test#Images_Test_2 - large images require addressing

General Observations:

  • a very complex theme that appears to handle most of the current WordPress functions

Overall: not-accepted

  • Items marked (=>) must be addressed.
  • Other items noted should be addressed and corrected as needed.
  • Additional review may be required once the above issues are resolved.

#3 @cais
7 years ago

Also to note ...
The theme places a folder in the /wp-content/ folder on a par with the theme folder. This folder contains an atom feed file for version control(?). This file and folder should be removed when the theme is deleted.

Also note, this "extra" folder and its contents would be better placed within the theme folder itself.

#4 @ionfish
7 years ago

Why? It's data, not code. Have WP hooks improved to the point where sensible actions can be performed when a theme is installed or removed? If so, then I'm happy to add in some cleanup routines—I don't really do much WP development these days, I'm just maintaining the theme since so many people use it.

The atom file is a cached version of http://tarskitheme.com/version.atom, so that the admin panel isn't slowed down by phoning home on every request. It's documented here: http://tarskitheme.com/help/updates/.


#5 @Frumph
7 years ago

comment_form() needs to be used in comments.php / comments-popup.php (or relevant coding) where a comment form is created.

`function detectWPMU() {
return function_exists('is_site_admin');

This function just should be if is_multisite() and that particular function removed completely.

From theme-review list
This theme also needs to use comment_form() instead of creating it's own form, it would fail on that as well.

I've omitted all of the problems with the programming of this theme, Ben has already stated that he doesn't work on this theme anymore and only updates it once in awhile to 'make it work'; unfortunately that's not good enough to pass the review at this time.

Let's take this function inside core.php for example:

function detectWPMU() {
return function_exists('is_site_admin');

... That's so outdated it's silly, much like the methodology used in things like the tarsky_bodyclass functions, should be used as a filter instead of

Furthermore let's talk about ionfish how he has functions calling hooks instead of just embedding the hook in the location used .. erm.. why? .. yeah I would call that unneeded unnecessary coding.
function detectWPMUadmin() {
return detectWPMU() ? is_site_admin() : false;
return is_multisite() ? is_super_admin() : false;
Should also change from using the get_pages in the function _tarski_navbar_page_links to using the wordpress 3.0 menu system

the function tarski_bodyclass() isn't retrieving the core made ones and adding them to the classes found, a filter here would be more beneficial instead of reinventing the wheel

function tarski_searchform() {
include_once(TEMPLATEPATH . "/searchform.php");

should use get_search_form() instead, this is outdated and will fail the review as well

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