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comment:1 Otto4220 months ago

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  • You have a double html tag in the header.php. That tag should just be [html <?php language_attributes(); ?>], no need for the OpenGraph or Schema.org stuff. That should be left to plugins (especially since you got the itemtype wrong, as "Article" isn't correct for all the pages). Recommend leaving that out and reverting to what you had there before.
  • html5_shim is still enqueueing incorrectly in header.php. Doesn't break the theme, but doesn't load the shim code either.

Approved, with recommendation that you fix the above issues for the next version.

This was a diff-review only, not a full review.

comment:2 sc456a19 months ago

Those two issues have been addressed and some other minor changes made here: http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/9547


comment:3 Otto4219 months ago

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comment:4 Otto4219 months ago

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comment:5 Otto4219 months ago

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Adjusting the assignment on this older ticket. Ignore.

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