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THEME: SimpleBlueWhite - 1.0

Reported by: bennydesign Owned by: SriniG
Priority: Keywords: theme-simplebluewhite
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comment:2 SriniG17 months ago

The deprecated calls, notices, errors and issues as mentioned below need to be fixed before it can be reviewed again and approved.

Code Quality

  • Incorrect Use of wp_deregister_script() Used in wp-content/themes/simplebluewhite/functions.php on line 25. (Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or init hooks.)
  • Incorrect Use of wp_register_style() Used in wp-content/themes/simplebluewhite/functions.php on line 35. (Scripts and styles should not be registered or enqueued until the wp_enqueue_scripts, admin_enqueue_scripts, or init hooks.)
  • Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_pagenavi() in /wp-content/themes/simplebluewhite/single.php on line 102
  • Notice: Undefined variable: args in /wp-content/themes/simplebluewhite/single.php on line 32
  • Notice: Undefined variable: orig_post in /wp-content/themes/simplebluewhite/single.php on line 95
  • Undefined variable: class on line 3 of /wp-content/themes/simplebluewhite/index.php
  • Undefined variable: class on line 3 of /wp-content/themes/simplebluewhite/404.php
  • Undefined variable: class on line 3 of /wp-content/themes/simplebluewhite/page.php
  • Line 62, functions.php has a function defined with name recentPosts(). Please prefix all custom Theme functions, constants, classes, global variables, and options are prefixed with theme-slug. (And avoid camelCase for php function names)
  • Feed links should not be hardcoded in the document head (lines 14, 15 in header.php)
  • Please remove unnecessary meta tags hard-coded into the document head (<meta name="author" content="Benny" /> in line 10 of header.php)
  • Found the code if (function_exists('register_sidebar')) register_sidebar(); in functions.php. No core WordPress functions introduced prior to one previous, major WordPress release should be wrapped in function_exists() conditionals. (register_sidebar has been there since WP 2.2.0)

Presentation vs Functionality

  • The theme has a lot of instances where German language is used for public-facing text. Themes are required to have all public-facing text in English.

Required Hooks and Navigation

  • The wp_head() template tag should be placed immediately before the </head> tag.
  • wp_footer() should be placed immediately before </body> tag.

Including files

  • The theme appears to use 'include' the template file head.php. Custom template files are required to be called using get_template_part() or locate_template(). 'include' must not be used to call Theme template part files.

Including Stylesheets and Scripts

  • Google Fonts stylesheet is hardcoded in the header.php. Themes are required to enqueue all stylesheets and scripts, using wp_enqueue_style()/wp_enqueue_script(), and hooked into an appropriate hook via callback function, rather than hard-coding stylesheet/script links or tags in the template.


'Shadowbox', a JavaScript library is bundled with the plugin. The license text of the library has the following, among other statements:

Under the terms of this license, the licensee is granted the following privileges:

  - The right to use the library as part of a website or application that is
    used for commercial purposes

  - The right to modify the library to suit his purpose.

Under no circumstance is the licensee permitted to redistribute the source code,
images, or documentation contained in the library. All redistribution rights
remain with the copyright holder unless specific prior written permission is

Please ensure that all files and libraries included with the theme are 100% GPL compatible.

General issues

  • Currently the blog home page and archive pages show only posts with post-thumbnails. Please ensure all posts are rendered properly.
  • The theme should not have the logo of the theme author hard-coded in the header
  • The theme should not show the hard-coded text 'Webdesign for everybody' in the header. (You can display the site tagline instead)
  • Please remove the email subscription form and links to social sites hard-coded in sidebar.php
  • The theme supports custom nav menus. However the default/fallback output does not render properly (especially when there are large number of items and more than one level of items).
  • Ensure that blockquotes, headings, ordered lists, tables, pre-formatted texts, subscripts, superscripts, etc., are distinctly styled.
  • Allow a spacing between paragraphs in content.
  • 'Theme Name' need not be specified more than once in style.css
  • 'Theme URI' specified in style.css is required to link to a page specifically related to the Theme.

Include a readme.txt and specify any design limitations, special requirements or modifications, browser compatibility, etc.

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