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THEME: Weaver II - 1.2

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Weaver II - 1.2

Total Control! The Weaver II theme gives you the control to create your own perfect site design - including the best integrated responsive Mobile Device support, bar none! Four mobile modes for unprecedented control of your site's mobile views. Weaver II theme is the easiest way to design the site you want - dozens of checkbox options to customize colors and layout. Start with one of the many included sub-themes, then tweak away for the exact look you want. Great for both newcomers AND pros. You can control virtually every aspect of your site - right down to individual pages and posts. Sixteen sidebar locations with multiple layout options. And the mobile view will match your site's desktop style - automatically! Features include: context sensitive help; translations for more than a dozen languages, others easily translated; IE support; WP Multisite; popular plugins supported; active support forum. Once you've tried Weaver II, you won't be able to give up the freedom of total control.

Theme URL - http://weavertheme.com
Author URL - http://weavertheme.com/about

SVN - http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/weaver-ii/1.2
ZIP - http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/download/weaver-ii.1.2.zip?nostats=1

Diff with previous version: http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/changeset?old_path=/weaver-ii/1.1.7&new_path=/weaver-ii/1.2

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Change History (4)

#1 @wpweaver
5 years ago

This is a somewhat major revision - but there are no significant changes to any of the settings structure or interface code.

This diffs may be a bit larger than a typical upgrade because I did do quite a bit of code cleanup in various files. But I don't think you would find anything significantly changed that would warrant any problems. This is a pretty mature theme.

Here's the list of major changes.

Changes Version 1.2

  • Extensive enhancement of Mobile support - now both User Agent and pure Responsive modes
    • Moved Mobile to its own top level admin tab
    • Now have 4 mobile modes: Stacked or hidden sidebars on either Smart (User Agent based) or "pure" responsive mobile support modes
    • Support for Android pull-down menu hover vs. touch (affects tablets mostly)
    • Added .wvr-show-mobile, .wvr-show-phone, .wvr-show-smalltablet, and .wvr-show-tablet classes
    • Added new responsive rules for embed, iframe, object, video, & twitter
    • Removed support for using pull-down menu for Smart and Responsive mobile views - phones now always use Mobile menu
    • Mobile options displayed in green
    • Split mobile CSS rules into separate style file.
    • jQuery library now always loaded by Weaver II
  • Added option to not-excerpt 1st "n" blog posts (global and per Page with Posts)
  • Added dedicated value box for per-page <body> class name
  • Added 'container-pagetype' class to #container_wrap for all page types
  • Added don't display 1st n posts on Page with Posts template - useful with plugins that will display the 1st n posts in an alternative format - such as a slider.
  • Added Video Post Format
  • Added horizontal bars to admin pages for readability
  • Paged navigation now shows on search and mobile views if that option selected
  • Improved Child Demo file, added display of child theme name on admin panelf
  • Header Extra HTML uses only its own Hide on Mobile setting now.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs from beta 92 version: left menu padding, doc errors, admin interface display issues
  • Revised JavaScript files - combined all into one file, use global JS vars for option control
  • Optimize JavaScript and CSS file sizes by using YUI Compressor (via Minimus on a Mac)
  • Tweaked (*Pro) label to make more readable
  • Changed how "Menu Effects" option works. Only Arrows now. Sorry, no longer has animated pull-down menus. Superfish caused issues with page resize handling.
  • Removed upgrade support for Weaver 2.2.x to Weaver II - it is now in a plugin
  • Revised Help file
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#2 @wpweaver
5 years ago

Another note -

One of the significant changes in this version is the use of minified .css files, including style.css. This change was discussed in the theme developers news list, and was approved as sound concept by Chip and Otto both.

Following one other suggestion, the strategy is to include the unminified versions using the standard names (style.css) in the distribution, but enqueue the minified version (style.min.css). Same convention used for all minified files. The whole thing is driven by a defined value for WEAVER_MINIFY in the settings file. If it is empty, then the normal version is used, and if '.min', then the minified version is used. I thought that a pretty elegant solution as opposed to a bunch of if to set the right name. I also include information about the minifier used as per Otto's suggestion.

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#3 @chipbennett
5 years ago

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#4 @chipbennett
5 years ago

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