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Welcome to WordPress Themes Trac

There are 170 new tickets waiting for review.

How To Become a Theme Reviewer

Are you interested in joining the Theme Reviewers team? Great! The team is open to anyone who wants to help out, and the process is simple.

First, join the Theme Reviewers mail list and set up your test environment.

  1. Setup a WordPress test environment, and import the Theme Unit Test data. Be sure to set WP_DEBUG to 'true' in wp-config.
  2. Install the Log Deprecated Notices plugin on your WordPress test environment.

Now you're ready to review themes.

  1. Pick the oldest unclaimed Theme from the Theme Review Trac Queue; and, "reassign to" your Trac username
  2. Using the SVN link in the Trac ticket, download the Theme files, and install/activate the Theme on your WordPress test environment.
  3. Review the Theme per the process, ensuring the Theme meets the criteria as well as the Theme Development standards.
  4. Attach your Theme review notes as a comment on the ticket.
  5. Set the “resolve as” option to “suggest-approval” for inclusion in the Theme directory; or, “not-accepted” if the Theme does not meet the necessary review criteria and standards.